Magic Mikemake way for..agic Ian?Dancing With the Stars, so he knows how to strut his stuff.He's excited about the new job, saying, "I am so excited to be a part of this iconic worldwide organization; it's really a dream come true!" And he's definitely got the body .

In my opinion essential.It rather detracts from the passionate moment if you find yourself fumbling with the controls on a sex toy.

When you’ve turned the bullet vibe on a light under the switch illuminates.The constant glow from this illuminates your love making, you certainly don’t need it to tell you that the cock ring is vibrating as even at its lowest setting the vibrations are rather powerful.Pressing and holding the button increases the power of the vibrations, the indicator light flashing faster as you do so until at top speed the light is constant.Whatever sped you choose when the button is released the light goes back to constant again.While a steady light while you’re screwing in the dark is rather kinky and illuminates your naughtiness in a very pleasing way I’m really glad the light is constant once you’ve set the speed – otherwise you’d feel like you were in a very freaky discot.

You can turn off the cock ring by pressing the button once.How do you reduce the power of vibrations? You can’t.The problem with a single button is that there are only so many functions you can cram onto it – on, off and increase is really all you need.Jopen could have added other buttons but then you’re back to a more complicated setup and distractions.

There is one final feature that the control button provides.Press it three times in succession and your cock ring is locked so it will not come on accidentally when being transported.Three times again and it unlocks ready to use.This works most of the time, though unlocking the cock ring was, I found, sometimes hit and miss.Not .

Is the fact that the staff have absolutely no idea what will be aired and have only themselves been allowed an 11 second snippet to use on the SexToysBrand site as an advert.

This is the official spiel:

Take a look behind the scenes of SexToysBrand the UKs most successful online sex toy business.

We reckon that nearly half of the nation owns a sex toy and the market is set to grow and grow.More Sex Please, Were British meets the people working at SexToysBrands HQ in Bath, sending out adult toys, sexy lingerie, erotic literature and raunchy games.The cameras also follow us as we prepare to revamp the upscale Coco de Mer in Londons Covent Garden and break into the USA.

Should be fun to watch.

Employees dealing with returned lingerie, dildos, vibrators, sex mad customers and the pitfalls of silicone, jelly, plastic, phthalates, rubber, bondage implements and more? Damn right Ill be watching and I know you will too.

Join the conversation over at the Cara Sutra forum and give your opinions before and after the show Ill be reading all the comments! See you there.