Wheres Waldo, where instead of searching for the real you, I immediately spot the hottest version of you.Say hey to your cousin for me.ose with another dude.Ive known you for three seconds, and I'm already jealous.Oh, that's just your brother? Great, now I'll recog.

trols are accessible with a single finger action.ith a seamless velvet finished silicone shaft and chiselled ABS plastic handle this product gives the feel of a quality product.perates via 2 x AAA batteries which are easily inserted and replaced in the power chamber.ith 3 x speeds, 1 x escalation 2 x pulsation settings you are sure to be good for the rest of the day, sorry for the pun. No I’m not. LolIs waterproof so you can take it in to the bathroom for some good clean fun. Offers 13cm of insertable length and has a maximum diameter of 11.cm.

Now on with the play.


The beauty about working from home is that I can slip off from my office and give vibrator a good testing without disturbance, apart from the cat who has been known to make an occasional appearance on the bed next to me. Lol

The bedroom was dimly light as the rain fell heavily outside which added to the excitement of stealing myself away for some mid morning fun.?I pulled the curtains to avoid the gaze of passers by and pulled back the duvet.

I slipped off my jeans and panties, disgarding them to the bedroom floor in a dishevelled heap and slipped under the cool duvet. It was cold now but within moments it would be warm with my body heat.

The BGood vibrator was sitting on top of my bedside drawers eagerly awaiting my attention, pre loaded, washed and ready for action.

On a day like this some thigh action would be required to prepare my vibe for action. I reached out taking hold of the vibe and pulled it deep under the covers till it came to rest between my pale white thighs.

It wasn’t long before i.

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