There are already so much sexual chemistry between us

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Valentin s Day may be over, but that does t mean romance should be done with.And when we say ‘romanc we mean ‘se .This wonderful free activity (we know some of you see it more as a hobby!) puts colour on your cheeks and a spring in your step, and is equally fun enjoyed by yourself or with others joining in!Like the friendly lelo vibratorsGirlz we are, we want to ensure yo re in the mood for fun &frolics as often as possible, hence why we talked our lovely author-friends into treating you to *free* top-class-smut every week (yo re welcome!).Today w re enjoying a teaser by uber-glamorous Rebecca Chance – she of the high heels and dirty mind…(One of the main storylines in BAD ANGELS is this couple: Aniela, a nurse, has been looking after Jon, a mysterious patient holing up at the very luxurious Limehouse Wharf apartment building.Jon has had plastic surgery so his face is battered like a boxers, but his body is stunning and theres already so much sexual chemistry between them that theyve kissed each other passionately.Now, even though its strictly against the rules, Aniela finds herself drawn to his apartment late at night, and, somehow sensing her presence in the corridor outside, Jon has opened the door to find her there…) Slowly – giving him warning of what she was going to do, so that he could dash back inside his apartment if he wanted to – Aniela stepped towards him.She found herself wishing, fervently, that she was t dressed in her unflattering nurs s uniform sexy, her blocky white shoes;but then, she thought in a flash of self-doubt – what could I wear that would look better on me? m pear-shaped, I do t look good in jeans, I do t like my legs very much so skirts are t much better… at least if I were in a nice pair of high heels, my feet would t look so big – She was close enough to him now that their bodies were almost touching.She could smell his natural scent, warm and musky, with that clean-soap smell overlaying it;Americans, she thought idiotically, are always so clean.They must wash three times a day.There was no point looking up at his face;how could she read his expression, when he did t have one? So, feeling as if she were taking her life in her hands, she reached out and touched his chest, something she had been longing to do from picobong kaya the moment she saw him. He could get me sacked for this, she knew.Okay, he kissed me yesterday, but Mr Nassri wo t care about that.Private nurses get paid more, w re expected to smile and put up with patients being a little frisky from time to time.A Corsican gangster, having a nose job at the clinic, had been famous for his wandering hands, and all Mr Nassri had told the nurses when they complained was to move faster. But showing up at a patien s apartment in the middle of the night… stroking his chest… initiating contact, rather than just letting him kiss me – tha s completely out of bounds.One call from Jon and ll be kicked out on my big bum faster than you can say Happy Christmas.Unless… unless… Unless he puts your hand over his, big and warm and surprisingly rough with callouses, and slides your fingers underneath the border of his thermal shirt, against his skin.Over his heart, which you can feel beating, fast and hard.And then lets you move your fingers further, tangling them in the hair on his chest, which yo ve also been longing to do ever since you saw him first, stripped to the waist and lightly-oiled with sweat… His hand over hers gave Aniela the confidence to look up.His mashed-up face did t bother male masturbators her at all.She was so used to seeing patients in various states of recovery that his bruises, his splinted nose, were just another part of her job, and what she saw, as she gazed at him, was that his eyes were very earnest, and very clear, and maybe even – which sounded mad even to think, with the strength she was feeling beneath the palm of her hand, the musculature and poise of his body – maybe even a little frightened.Without hesitation, she reached up with her other hand, tilted his head towards her and kissed him.It was just as immediate as it had been the day before, just as sweet.And just as tentative.Aniela had another crazy thought, which in itself was crazy;she had gone for years being nothing but sensible and practical and working all hours that God sent, saving almost everything she made, either sleeping or watching mindless Hollywood romantic comedies in her down time, and now, ever since setting eyes on Jon Jorda s extraordinary body and damaged face, it felt as if she was doing nothing but having the most insane ideas.But she could t help it.She was remembering a film sh d seen months ago, an old film, on late at night, called Starman, .

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