Fabulous Filthy Friday to you all! This week we are being treated to a scorcher of a Christmas story penned by Sommer Marsden, the US authoress who writes filthy, unapologetic fiction for females who enjoy a healthy dose of erotic indulgence.ommer has been called “…one of the top storytellers in the erotica genre” (Violet Blue), “Unapologetic” (Alison Tyler), “…the whirling dervish of erotica” (Craig J.Sorensen, and Erotica royalty (Lucy Felthouse).er erotic novels include Boys Next Door, Restless Spirit, Big Bad, Wanderlust and Learning to Drown.Sommer currently writes erotica and erotic romance for HarperCollins (Mischief Books), Xcite Books, eXcessica, Elloras Cave, Pretty Things Press, and Resplendence Publishing.The wine-swigging, dachshund-owning, wannabe runner author writes work that runs the gamut from bondage to zombies to humor.ommers short works can be found in well over one hundred (and counting) erotic anthologies.Her short stories have also been included numerous adult and romance magazinesboth in print and online.Visit sommermarsden.logspot.om to see wha s up and drop her a line. Accosting Santaby Sommer Marsden“I just do t see why you wo t come over here, Abigail.I rolled my eyes and tried to remember that my mother meant well.“Because m happy here tonight. ll see you guys tomorrow.

I watched the small white flecks batter against my sunroom window.I shivered, but it was a good kind of shiver.But i s so saaaad!” my mother wailed.Wha s so sad? That you ca t coddle me and tuck me in?” And drive me nuts, but I said that part to myself.That yo re alone on Christmas Eve.And we, your loving family, not five miles away.“I s snowing,” I countered.I poured another glass of wine and warmed my hand in front of the low fire.I was content, my mother just could t see that.Bah! I s flurries.I s nothing.You could get here in no time flat.ut I do t want to.I want to enjoy my wine and my fire and my snow.Alone.Happy.I appreciate it, Ma.But no. m good. m already in my pajamas! And I have a fabulous order of Luig s fettuccini alfredo. And beautiful, blissful peace and quiet.y mother sounded unconvinced, and she hmphed into the phone, vocalizing her displeasure with sounds rather than words.“Well, I think i s just crazy.We could all be together for Christmas Eve and tomorrow.It would be wonderful.But since yo re so hell bent on being alone, ll call you in the morning to see what Santa brought you!” My mother laughed her crazy holiday laugh discount adult toys.Deal. ll talk to you in the morning. d better go.My fettuccini is going to get cold if I do t eat it.That did it.To my mother, cold food is a sin.Right up there with murder and infidelity and coveting.“Oh, eat! Go on, eat! Yo re too thin.I would argue that at a nice curvy size twelve, I was not too thin.I was in great shape, though, and part of my holiday treat was the super-fattening, stick to your ass pasta from my favorite restaurant.I grabbed my warm bowl and my glass of wine and snuggled into the window seat that had been the selling point of my house. twirled up my first delectable bite and saw him.A man.A man in a big suit stumbling through the snow of my backyard straight across the stone wall into my neighbo s yard.Molly—my single-mother-home-with-her-young-daughter-on-Christmas-Eve-alone neighbor.I knew they were alone because Molly and Sabrina had brought me homemade cookies and fudge earlier.We had shared some cocoa, and Sabrina had given me a rousing rendition of “Rudolph” that she had learned at school.I had given her a pair of purple mittens and a Nancy Drew book, and she had gushed like sh d won the lottery.Great kid.And now some doofus who appeared to be dressed as jolly old Saint Nick was stumbling through their yard lelo soraya . managed to choke down the bite of pasta that had solidified in my throat and jumped up to find my boots. d be damned if some would-be burglar was going to crash Moll s first Christmas alone with Sabrina.With the death of Dan, Moll s husband, the d been through enough.y Eddie Bauer duck boots did not want not to go on, but there I was shoving my feet, sock free, into the openings.“Come on, you rat bastards,” I hissed, and I knew my mother would be proud.Rescuer and potty mouth Abigail Halpern.he snow was thicker than I thought, and my boots made a whoosh, whoosh, whoosh sound as I ran.My lungs hurt from the cold air, and it finally fucking dawned on me—why had t I simply called 911? But it was too late, because me and my boots (and my snowman PJs) were hitting Santa in a flying tackle that my brother Joe would have been proud of.Oof!” said Santa.And then, “Fuck!”He flailed under me, and I did my best to cover him with my body, a nearly impossible feat considering he was huge.And in all that faux fur and with all the snow, he was slippery best vibrators like an eel.The bulky man under me made a frustrated sound and tried to roll.The sound reminded me of a big animal—maybe I had snagged me a Yeti.I found this amusing despite my fear and the fact that I was suddenly seeing stars.I had caught a flailing elbow to the eye socket.Son of a bitch,” I hissed, trying to cover my eye and still keep the greatly struggling man still.What is your problem, lady? Goddamn, let me go! I am supposed to be here.I am here for”I tried to pin him and ended up knocking him a good one between the legs with my knee.I felt him go still, and even over the wind I heard a great sucking sound of pain.And I felt bad.Why did I feel bad? Thieves and bad guys deserved a good knee to the nuts, right?“Oh, my God.I am here for Moll s daughter ugh. He had grown totally still.Molly?” I said dumbly.Yes.For Sabrina, actually,” he gasped.“Moll s my friend.Her brother Jack is my best friend. m playing—” he started an open-mouthed breathing that reminded me of Lamaze.It was a labored breathing, I began to realize, caused by the pain I had inflicted.h shit.Santa. I finished his sentence weakly and peeled myself from his snow covered bulk.I offered him a hand and he flinched backwards like I was about to hit him again.Okay, I deserved that.“Look, I am so sorry. m sort of protective of them and I well, I sort of went off half-cocked—”“Gee, ya think?” He growled and climbed to his feet, ignoring my hand.Just then the back porch light at Moll s popped on and she stuck brutal dildos her head out.“Caleb?” she called softly, and then she finally spotted us in the shadows.The man named Caleb wiped snow from his Santa suit, while I rubbed my eye where a dull aching thud had taken up residence.Abby?” she said.Her eyebrows went up and I waved her off.Sorry.So sorry.I thought he was a prowler. m going home.Have fun.Merry Christmas!” I whisper-shouted in the gloom.The snow started to come down faster, and Molly looked half-amused, half-concerned. rubbed my eye and wished I would melt into the ground and disappear.Talk about embarrassing.But then big warm hands were on my wrist, and I finally looked at the mystery man.h shit. had tackled the most gorgeous, grinning, handsome, amused man ever.I blinked, and my eye ached a little worse.Did I get you in the eye lelo gigi? You okay?” The ca.

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