Joya Little Su Natural - Red Newly designed by women for women, the Joya range are the latest addition to?Sh! Womenstores shelves!We love the Joya toys, which are perfect for one or two women to enjoy! ?The Little Su Natural dildo is designed to be worn internally, providing focussed G-spot stimulation with its elegant curves, and allowing the wearer to really rock-n-roll! Added to this, theres a cute little textured clit stimulator which can be used for direct clit-tea.

Others will, as you describe!) And pressure is one thing the female body does not respond well to.he condition is called anorgasmia, and although treating it can take a lot of time and patience, the good news is that it’ something you can get over, assuming you’e fit and healthy.Since you’e already tried quite a few things on your own, you need some help now.A good route would be to take yourself through a programme like the one outlined in Becoming Orgasmicby Julia Heiman &Joseph Lopiccolo.

Is also a safe and friendly place to spend an afternoon.With our monthly art exhibits, extensive library collection, Resource Wall, and free WiFi access, ther s always something to see and learn here at Q Center.ome visit us and find a new toy on any Tuesday in June, and 10% of your purchase will go to the Q Center!Bonus: give the Q Center some social media love by following them on Facebook and Twitter!

I can also recommend Sex for Oneby the queen of female self-pleasure, Betty Dodson.ou could start with your GP, providing you’e comfortable discussing sexual problems with them, and make sure you book a double appointment if possible so you’e not rushed.Once they have established that there is nothing physically wrong with you, they will probably want to make a referr.