bout making the move from palm to paddle

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Tantric Super SexFive more great books arrived on the shelves at Sh! HQ! today. The Illustrated Book of Sapphic Sex and The Illustrated Book Of Phalluses.ompanion volumes to The Illustrated Book Of Breasts, these slim volumes are the work of The Erotic Print Society, and contain not only a delightfully discursive account of the authors take on their subject, but some very pleasing illustrations too! Lush, li.

bout making the move from palm to paddle, the Love to Love spanking range may well be your ticket to paddlesville.The Love to Love Spanking Paddle, ‘pank Me Baby’Spanking Powder and ‘irls Don’ Cry’After Spanking Cream turn paddle play into a whole new bat game.he range features comic-book-style pictures and bold designs in pink, white and black, veering away from the traditional BDSM visual that we’e accustomed to and offering a vanilla-friendly aesthetic that feels less gimp and more pop culture.hat&rsquo.


e what to wear? Bring some wardrobe from home and Miss Moone will act as your burlesque stylist.f you have previously taken The Construction of the Tease or Burlesque 101, this class is the next step.However, beginners and adventurous spirits are highly encouraged to attend! All levels of fitness welcome, no dance experience or nudity required.Please avoid alcohol consumption before attending and arrive by 7:15pm class will begin promptly at 7:30pm and no late entrance allowed after 7:45pm.Also no photographs are call She Bop to reserve your spot – (503) 473-8018.




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