Of all the muscles that comprise the pelvic floor, the pubococcygeus muscles are probably the most famous. The pubococcygeus muscles (more well-known as the PC muscles)?run from the pubic bone to the tailbone, and form a sort of figure eight around the genitals. All people have PC muscles, and these muscles are instrumental in sexual response in fact, they involuntarily contract during orgasm, and help to propel ejaculate.In the forties, a gynecologist named Dr. Arnold Kegel developed the idea of exercising the PC muscles, and the concept of kegel exercises was born. 

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g something that couples would use together.As the likes of TENGA and other stealthy strokers become more prevalent, the sex toy balance in the bedroom is shifting and manufacturers are paying attention. Expect to see more variety and exciting innovations in male sex toys in the coming year.10. The G-Spot Will Come To ProminenceIt’s rare to find a dildo or vibrator without that tell-tell upward curve and swollen tip these days. The G-spot is far from a new concept, but women are increasingly looking to find their internal hotspot with tools especially crafted for the job. Flying in the face of sex advice that makes the clitoris a woman’s erotic focal point, G-spot vibes are gaining momentum and should continue to do so in 2013.Sexpert Tracey Cox saw her new G-spot vibe (pictured left - back in stock soon!) sell out after a deluge of 5-star reviews. “The popularity of the G-spot vibe again is reflective of the way women now buy vibrators. Gone are the days of us only having one: we’ll invest in a couple. If it’s stimulation you particularly enjoy, you’ll happily invest in more than one to suit your mood."11. Electrosex Won't Be So ScaryElectrostimulation is already revamping its rather scary public image with companies like ElectraStim redesigning their best-selling power units to be more attractive and user-friendly. Ditching the BDSM association with electrical play hasn’t been easy, but thanks to better public understanding of the tingling and contracting delights on offer, more couples are experimenting with electrosex toys as a viable alternative to vibrations and a reliable option for hands-free stimulation.In 2013 we'll see electrosex and vibrations coming together in the Intimate Love Toy Electrosex Vibrator Le Chatelain, which has a choice of continuous vibrations, pulsating vibrations and throbbing electrical pulses to enjoy. Hopefully we’ll see more experimentation with this multi-stimulation format in 2013... perhaps something in a stroker?12. Sexy Massage Won't Go Out Of FashionOffering mood lighting, a gorgeous scent for your room and a mess-free massage, they’re not just more convenient than massage oil - they’re a bit more exciting too. Massage candles have enjoyed a rise in popularity over the last year and several brands now offer a version of these soy-based erotic gifts. With the most romantic day of the year just over a month away, I expect massage candles to be a popular erotic gift choice in 2013.13. Balls!My final prediction is for kegel balls and jiggle balls to stay at the top of women’s sexy wishlists. Having enjoyed centre stage in the Fifty Shades trilogy, jiggle balls are now commonplace in many bedrooms and women are challenging themselves to use increasingly smaller and heavier balls. Helping to tone the vagina for a tighter, firmer feeling, as well as improving the strength of the entire pelvic floor, pleasure balls are great for your sexual health as well as feeling pleasurable to wear.Tracey Cox says:“Kegel balls really do work for keeping women toned and tight, so I'm guessing that sales will continue and probably rise. Word of mouth is how most toys become bestsellers and if you see results, you’ll tend to tell a friend or two.”.

Although Kegel was primarily focused on treating urinary incontinence, one of his papers did mention off-handedly that sexual appreciation can be increased by restoring function of the pubococcygeus. Indeed, kegel exercises are now largely associated with sexuality, and for good reason doing them regularly has many sexual benefits.Kegel exercise generally consists of voluntarily and repetitively contracting and relaxing the PC muscles. Many associate kegel exercise with a tighter vagina, but that is just one perk of toned PC muscles. Regular kegel exercise can have a variety of pleasurable effects, such as heightened sexual sensitivity, stronger orgasms, and greater response to G-spot stimulation. The more the PC muscles are toned, the more they can relax, so kegels are great for those wanting to have anal sex, or for anyone experiencing difficulty with penetration.?With kegel practice and repetition, some female-bodied people can even learn to ejaculate/squirt.For male-bodied people, toned PC muscles can result in improved ejaculatory control, somewhat firmer erections,?and a shorter refractory period (the span of time between ejaculations).Kegel excercises can be extremely helpful during pregnancy and after birth as well.