Wheres Waldo, where instead of searching for the real you, I immediately spot the hottest version of you.Say hey to your cousin for me.ose with another dude.Ive known you for three seconds, and I'm already jealous.Oh, that's just your brother? Great, now I'll recog.

trols are accessible with a single finger action.ith a seamless velvet finished silicone shaft and chiselled ABS plastic handle this product gives the feel of a quality product.perates via 2 x AAA batteries which are easily inserted and replaced in the power chamber.ith 3 x speeds, 1 x escalation 2 x pulsation settings you are sure to be good for the rest of the day, sorry for the pun. No I’m not. LolIs waterproof so you can take it in to the bathroom for some good clean fun. Offers 13cm of insertable length and has a maximum diameter of 11.cm.

Now on with the play.


The beauty about working from home is that I can slip off from my office and give vibrator a good testing without disturbance, apart from the cat who has been known to make an occasional appearance on the bed next to me. Lol

The bedroom was dimly light as the rain fell heavily outside which added to the excitement of stealing myself away for some mid morning fun.?I pulled the curtains to avoid the gaze of passers by and pulled back the duvet.

I slipped off my jeans and panties, disgarding them to the bedroom floor in a dishevelled heap and slipped under the cool duvet. It was cold now but within moments it would be warm with my body heat.

The BGood vibrator was sitting on top of my bedside drawers eagerly awaiting my attention, pre loaded, washed and ready for action.

On a day like this some thigh action would be required to prepare my vibe for action. I reached out taking hold of the vibe and pulled it deep under the covers till it came to rest between my pale white thighs.

It wasn’t long before i.

ble to be anything but a fuck hole for your cock, a rag doll that you’re enjoying tormenting and using.I cannot help it, the tears stream from my eyes and the breaths I drag in when I can are short, audible, desperate.You fuck my throat and beyond, making me deep-throat you without a choice.our cock is even larger, seems so huge, I cannot take it all.I’m tugging on your balls and stroking delicately, exquisitely underneath, just as you like.I am kneeling doll-like for you, a face to fuck and a throat ready to swallow your cum.Throat fucked raw, my pussy wet with desire and my face wet with tears.hen you tense, shudder, fuck so hard like you’ll never fuck again and shoot your oceans of streaming hot cum down my throat.I don’t dare spill a drop, and don’t want to either.I hastily gulp everything down, needing to be entirely filled with you, with your pleasure.eeling useful to you, I am rewarded with an affectionate tussle of my hair, before you tilt my face up to you with a finger, kiss me on the lips and tell me what a good girl I am for youSated, it is time for sleep.There we will rest, as I am used, filled for now, until the next time you want to use me.Until the next place you wish to fill me.Always ready to be fucked by you, always wanting it, always desperate.Thank youxxx.

Magic Mikemake way for..agic Ian?Dancing With the Stars, so he knows how to strut his stuff.He's excited about the new job, saying, "I am so excited to be a part of this iconic worldwide organization; it's really a dream come true!" And he's definitely got the body .

In my opinion essential.It rather detracts from the passionate moment if you find yourself fumbling with the controls on a sex toy.

When you’ve turned the bullet vibe on a light under the switch illuminates.The constant glow from this illuminates your love making, you certainly don’t need it to tell you that the cock ring is vibrating as even at its lowest setting the vibrations are rather powerful.Pressing and holding the button increases the power of the vibrations, the indicator light flashing faster as you do so until at top speed the light is constant.Whatever sped you choose when the button is released the light goes back to constant again.While a steady light while you’re screwing in the dark is rather kinky and illuminates your naughtiness in a very pleasing way I’m really glad the light is constant once you’ve set the speed – otherwise you’d feel like you were in a very freaky discot.

You can turn off the cock ring by pressing the button once.How do you reduce the power of vibrations? You can’t.The problem with a single button is that there are only so many functions you can cram onto it – on, off and increase is really all you need.Jopen could have added other buttons but then you’re back to a more complicated setup and distractions.

There is one final feature that the control button provides.Press it three times in succession and your cock ring is locked so it will not come on accidentally when being transported.Three times again and it unlocks ready to use.This works most of the time, though unlocking the cock ring was, I found, sometimes hit and miss.Not .

Is the fact that the staff have absolutely no idea what will be aired and have only themselves been allowed an 11 second snippet to use on the SexToysBrand site as an advert.

This is the official spiel:

Take a look behind the scenes of SexToysBrand the UKs most successful online sex toy business.

We reckon that nearly half of the nation owns a sex toy and the market is set to grow and grow.More Sex Please, Were British meets the people working at SexToysBrands HQ in Bath, sending out adult toys, sexy lingerie, erotic literature and raunchy games.The cameras also follow us as we prepare to revamp the upscale Coco de Mer in Londons Covent Garden and break into the USA.

Should be fun to watch.

Employees dealing with returned lingerie, dildos, vibrators, sex mad customers and the pitfalls of silicone, jelly, plastic, phthalates, rubber, bondage implements and more? Damn right Ill be watching and I know you will too.

Join the conversation over at the Cara Sutra forum and give your opinions before and after the show Ill be reading all the comments! See you there.

How I Met Your Mother, Robin learned a hard lesson about her new, shiny diamond ring and what it means when she went from a charmed life of free breakfasts and apparently, flash mob Broadway musicals..the ring disappearing (seriously, how do you engaged/married ladies not pa.

exploding and I needed a distraction for a while. What could be better than a mid-afternoon wank to release those tensions.

So my Pure Blow and I disappeared off in to the bedroom whilst Alex got to work with some of those jobs you only need to do before you have visitors. I would have helped but I was going to be cooking after all. Lol

I shut out the cold dark and damp day, making sure to cross the curtains over for extra security that nobody could see what was about to unfold in my bedroom. It had been a while since I watched any porn I’ve been so busy, so now seemed like a good time to help me get in the mood.

Picking up the DVD control from Alex’s bedside drawers I made my way over to my side of the bed and placed it next to me on my drawers. I slipped out of my jeans casting them to floor along with my socks and panties.

Then I slipped under the duvet, leaving it to rest on my hips, just keeping my lower half covered. This was only going to be a quickie with follow up if necessary.

I grabbed hold of the Pure Blow waiting on my bedside drawers and pulled it under the duvet until it came to rest between my thighs. It felt cool as I thought it would but my body heat would soon have it in serviceable condition.

I fast forwarded the DVD to some hardcore action, I felt dirty and a bit of anal penetration was the perfect accompaniment for my play. She’s a very accommodating girl that slipped in there with ease. Lol

The Pure Blow silicone vibrator?was now warmed and ready for action. I knew the slender profile of this vibe wouldn’t be as fillin.

n they are of a pair you definitively love, is like snuggling up beneath a warm duvet with your lover, naked, after a day in the cold.Or taking that first sip of warm soup when you are shivering and starving.Its like coming home to a roaring fire and feeling calm and relaxed.It just feels right.

You feel more attractive while wearing beautiful shoes.Heels make a woman taller therefore there is the illusion of slenderness, adding to her inner confidence.The change in gait gives her a feeling of being attractive, knowing heads are turning to watch her from outright stares to sneaky glances when they think you arent looking.With the right heels on, you can almost stop an evening in its tracks with just your confident and self assured, click-clacking entrance.

As you can tell, I simply love heels and they are multi-faceted fashion items.They are also, however, a beloved fetish and rightly so.A fetish that harms no-one and simply beautifies and helps radiate the natural sensuality of the woman.

Some of my favourite brands are Pleaser (especially the Bordello range) and Irregular Choice.